IES - our competencies

It is in the very nature of Interim Management that perfect-fit, flexible and most of the time also quick solutions are required. We from IES specialize in the supply of exactly these solutions and in doing so we rely on our experiences and competencies:

Industry experience

All our consultants have many years of substantial experiences in the process industry from working in the industry as well as from being a consultant to the industry. Many of the positions for which we provide Interim Experts have been held by our consultants themselves during their career and thus we understand exactly which kind of knowledge and experiences are required from our Interim Managers.

Our network

Our excellent network in the relevant branches helps us to continuously expand our candidate pool with highly qualified Interim Managers and to constantly stay close to the market. We are therefore able to quickly identify the experts which are an exact fit to your requirements.

Expert knowledge

We have easy access to the knowledge and experiences of our Interim Managers at all times with the help of our large candidate pool. Criteria such as education, expert knowledge, leadership experiences, reference, product-, market-, IT- and other skills are accessible to us and can be matched with the relevant search profile.

Focus on process industry

We are right at home in the process industry - here we are familiar with the individual industry branches and profit from our consultants' experiences and our large network. We know the requirements for those industries in every aspect and can quickly supply a good selection of competent Interim Experts.

Speedy processing

We understand the urgency of your request and are available to our customers and Interim Managers as a point of contact at all times. We do not have long and complicated communication patterns - your request will be dealt with as quickly as possible and your contact person is available to you by phone and E-Mail.

We are there for you!

Our support does not end with the supply of an Interim Expert. We support companies and Interim Experts throughout the complete project, we are always available as a point of contact, for an exchange of ideas and as a moderator in situations where you need one. We support you in the contract work and other administrative tasks and of course we also participate in the debriefing of the project.


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