Interim Management - what's that supposed to mean?

The dictionary tells us: "Interim Management (Latin: "ad interim" = "meanwhile") is a style of management limited to a certain period of time.

Behind this short and rather sober description stands often the perfect solution for companies who face difficult task or go through a crisis - without long term- and permanent costly comitments:

Interim placements of selected experts are a good and quick solution for companies who need to competently deal with upcoming projects and tasks on short notice.
Typically interim experts are being of help in the following situations:

  • when a company needs to implement major changes within a short period of time.

  • when a new (project-) task needs to be managed quickly and with competence.

  • when a new business field or a new product needs to be developed.

  • when companies need to find a solution for dealing with a sudden, temporary shortage of staff.

Other areas of activity for our "Experts on Demand" are restructuration- and rationalization measures as well as crisis management.
For company transfers and -successions as well as at the acquisition or sale of businesses Interim Management is a neutral, based-on-expert-knowledge and temporary supporting measure.
But also in traditional areas a fresh and unbiased point of view can lead to astounding results.

Interim Experts start straight away to analyze the situation - without training or long introduction periods - and to deliver results in their area. They work on-site directly in the organization and are thus a part of the team - however with a neutral angle of view. In various phases of company development Interim Management can be the best possible solution for your business.

All our Interim Managers worked for many years in responsible management positions in the process industry and gained exactly the knowledge and experiences required by our customers. As the work freelance they are available on short notice and can be greatly flexible.

A few years ago Interim Management was still strongly associated with reorganization measures. Today many companies rely on Interim Solutions and use Interim Experts in nearly every business area. Costs for Interim mandates are fairly calculated and have proven to bring an economic advantage.


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