Our Interim Process

To ensure our Interim mandates are running smoothly and swiftly we base our work on a close cooperation with our clients and our Interim Experts. To be able to meet our high quality standards we defined our interim process clearly:

We analyze your requirements:

Once you contact us about your need for Interim Management we get together with you to gather the necessary information needed to analyze your requirements and to prepare an offer. Usually this happens in a phone call (as Interim placements often need to start on short notice) or in a personal briefing meeting at your company in which we learn about your business and the current situation. Furthermore we define the exact range of tasks for the Interim Expert and develop the expert profile of a suitable Interim persona.

We summarize:

After the briefing discussion we develop a project description which we submit to you to check. Once we have gotten your approval we continue with the next step:

We are looking to find the ideal Interim Expert for your company:

We are searching our large expert pool for the perfect fit to your business. In this process we consider the knowledge and experiences required from the candidate - as defined together with you - plus the relevant set of soft skills which will make sure the Interim Manager is the right person for your company. We do know every Interim Manager we introduce to you personally. Thus we can guarantee: You will get an Interim Expert who is able to handle the challenge in your company, who will quickly gain an overview of the situation and who will rapidly proceed to succeed.

Candidate selection:

Once suitable candidates have been identified and their availability has been checked we create an expert profile which we will submit to you.
Now it's your turn - you tell us, which expert(s) you would like to meet in person and we will organize an interview as soon as possible. In this interview you will get to know each other and can talk about first points of a future cooperation / a future project. Our consultants - unless requested by you otherwise - will participate in this interview on-site.

You have chosen your Interim Manager - and now?

After you made your decision on which Interim Manager you would like to work with, we will conclude a contract with you and at the same time the Interim Manager will conclude a contract with us at IES. Both contracts define relevant details like task range, time period of the Interim mandate, daily rates, expenses, reporting structures etc.

Interim Management starts!

After both contracts have been signed the Interim mandate begins - our Interim Expert starts working for your company. During the complete Interim Project runtime we are available as point of contact for you as our client as well as for our Interim Managers. The assigned IES consultant acts as an interface and sparring partner for companies and experts.

The project is completed:

At the end of the successful Interim mandate we conduct a detailed debriefing meeting. We discuss successes, criticism and / or improvement suggestions to ensure we will continue to be able to supply you with top quality in future.


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