IES - How you can benefit from Interim Management

  • IES will suggest an experienced Interim Manager for your company who comes with the relevant industry experience and who will need only a very short time to get familiar with your business. Your Interim Manager will be available for the exact period of time required to successfully finish the project. You have no further obligations.
  • The costs are clearly structured (daily rate and expenses - not social security- and pension costs, no severance- or other payments). Our daily rates are calculated fairly and adequately.

  • Interim Managers can be employed flexible, in full- or part time.

  • With an Interim Manager you bring a neutral employee in to your business. They do not want to build their career in your company, they are looking at things with a fresh-, outside-view and they are not bound by invisible structures or by having to take false considerations - thus they are able to objectively analyze situations and work out solutions. Your Interim Manager will of course treat any information about your business a 100 % confidential.

  • Interim Experts maintain their reputation by getting good references from their clients. Therefore the motivation to complete tasks quickly and target-oriented in the best possible way is what they base their work on.

  • As we will handle the complete contractual work, take care of insurance and supply forms for reporting etc. you will only have a very small amount of administrational work to do.


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